Greenpoint (Brooklyn NY)


Greenpoint Brooklyn New York

It was on this cold and rainy day that I was so brave to go outside and walk around, exploring the area in Greenpoint (Brooklyn).  

Greenpoint, also called ” Little Poland ” has been an immigrant enclave for more than a century. Along Manhattan Avenue, you’ll see Polish signs on the store windows and a number of Polish restaurants. 

Today, Greenpoint is still mostly a residential area and not as commercialized yet compared to areas like Williamsburg and Dumbo, however it’s definitely on it’s way in the upswing. More and more designers, musicians, hipsters and even some celebrity are moving into the area. What’s popular in Greenpoint are it’s four B’s: Baked Goods, Beauty, Booz and Beats. And thanks to Trina my teacher at the Fashion Instate, I did not only discover some nice 4 x B’s but also some beautiful boutiques with locally produced designer stuff, vintage treasures and more. 

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My Lower East Side (LES) Still To- Visit List (New York)

Lower East Side New York

Less than one month and I will be back in my favorite city. I did not even share all my food pictures of the 700+ restaurants I visited in this city so far but my “still to do list” keeps on growing and growing. Anyway, at the end of this month I’ll have 1.5 week to complete a little bit of this endless list. Yay! 

I’ll be staying in one of my favorite neighborhoods, the Lower East Side (check out my favorite LES spots so far here) so the majority of places I’ll eat and drink will most likely be located in the LES. No problem at all, because the Lower east side is a food walhalla full of cool and cozy restaurants, bakeries and bars. Oh help, I am already suffering from fumo again! Here is my LES and surroundings eat- options list so at least I know where to eat when in walking distance (as usual, I did read all of the reviews of the places that are listed below): 


The last time I stayed at the Bowery Hotel. This hotel was fantaaaastic! My favorite hotel in New York City. I wish I could stay here again but I am on a tighter budget this time so I booked an Airbnb stay in the heart of the Lower East Side. I can recommend who doesn’t want to stay in a luxurious hotel anyone to hire via Airbnb, it’s most of the time significantly cheaper than a hotel. But do read the reviews on forehand. 

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A (culinary day) in New York’s Lower East Side – 50 places to visit

Sons of Essex

Lower East Side Collage2

What use to be the home of millions of working class immigrants families living in pour conditions during the late 19th century has now become one of Manhattan’s prime dining and shopping area renowned for it’s countless of trendy restaurants, hipster bars, live music venues, fashionable boutiques and local art galleries. I personally love this area not only for these reasons, but most of all for it’s melting pot of cultures and explosion of creativity.  Here a quick guide to my favorite LES (eat and drink) spots. 

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A (culinary) day in New York’s East Village (my 26 favorites)

East Village New York

What I love so much about New York is it’s variety of neighborhoods. Each neighborhood in New York has it’s own character, atmosphere, landscape and diversity of buildings and people. Every single neighborhood is so inspiring, great people watching and there are always new restaurants, bars and events opening up. No matter what neighborhood you live in, you will never run out of activities to do.  Since I know most of Manhattan’s neighborhoods by heart (except for the uptown neighborhoods) I decided to make a little overview with my favorite spots per neighborhood. My personal favorites are the West Village and East Village (see my post about my favorite breakfast and brunch spots in the West Village and my post about my favorite jazz bars and life music venues in the West Village Let me start with the East Village. The East Village is perhaps one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City in terms of people and restaurants. There are countless of bars, coffee shops and restaurants (especially Japanese ones) to visit and literary all kinds of food can be found here. Here are just a few of the tons of places to visit in the Eat Village but hopefully it will help those who are not familiar with the East Village (and have only little time) to make a selection. Let me know how you liked it and off course, I’d love to hear about your favorite places in the East Village. 

Saint Marks Place East Village New York

@ Saint Marks Place

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The four seasons of Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park (West Village) is my favorite park in the City. It’s probably not the most beautiful park (I personally think that is Central Park) but I love the mix bag of people, street performers and atmosphere. When the weather is warm and sunny, I can sit here whole day just watching people, listen to the great mussicians and grab a coffee and small bites in between at one of the surrounded local coffee shops or restaurants. So as you may guess I visit the park frequently (especially during summers). Here are a couple of Washington Square Park (iPhone) snaps that I made during the four seasons of the year:


Fall at Washington Square Park New York

Fall at Washington Square Park

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Hello from Mexico

I am currently in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for a short getaway. So far so good, I am enjoying the great weather, beautiful beach and the cheap beers and Margarita’s (about 8 times cheaper than in New York!). My small boutique hotel is okay and the Mexicans are super friendly. 

Although I have a vacation feeling I also have the feeling of still being in America because Playa del Carmen is basically a tourist town full of Americans and European party animals, tourist restaurants, tourist bars and American chains. I’ll hope to be able to find some local more authentic Mexican eateries and hotspots this week

Since I have very poor internet connection and will mostly be busy laying on the beach, sightseeing and hunting for Mexican Food the whole day and you won’t hear a lot from me this week but I’ll to keep you informed!

Chichen Itza Yukatan Mexico

Chichen Itza,

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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The Bowery hotel and other stays in New York City

Before moving to NYC I’ve visited New York City five times staying in a different hotel or apartment each time.

In Manhattan, it’s very hard to find a decent hotel for a reasonable price so unfortunately all the hotels and apartments I stayed in were pricey. Besides renting a pricey Airbnb studio with no window on the Upper East Side close to all famous museums (not so good experience because of the subway they were building right in front of the apartment) and a more affordable but extremely small room on the Lower East Side (clean room, not so clean bathroom) I stayed in the Park Lane Hotel (36 Central Park S. Midtown East), a large classic hotel with small rooms for a high price but perfectly located if you like Central Park, shopping on Fifth Avenue and visiting the city for a first time. I also have seen the Milford Plaza Hotel, I believe now called Row NYC (700, 8th Avenue between West 44th and West 45th street) a modern very impersonal hotel with even tinier but cheaper rooms, located in the heart of the theatre district around the corner of Time Square. 

Bowery Hotel

Bowery Hotel

THE BOWERY HOTEL (355 Bowery, between east 2nd and east 3rd street. Lower East)

But out of all the hotels I stayed in, the Bowery hotel located on the border of the Lower East Side and East Village is definitely my favorite. A stone’s throw away from bustling Saint Mark’s, Soho and Chinatown, ideal if you like food and shopping like I do. If you’re more into museums and tourist attractions, I would recommend staying in Midtown. 

Bowery Hotel New York

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15 Food hunting tips in New York City

With over 30.000 restaurants, New York is heaven for food lovers. Whatever type of restaurant or food you prefer, you’ll find everything in ten or hundred fold. From over the top hip, haute cuisine to cheap hole in the walls and take-outs. As a huge food lover, most of my spare time revolves around food. Because I will never be able to try out everything and the choices are unlimited, over the past months I have become more and more selective when it comes to my choosing a restaurant. So here are 15 tips I’d like to share with you when eating out: 


Met meer dan 30.000 restaurants om uit te kiezen is New York een Walhalla voor eetliefhebbers. Waar je voorkeur ook naar uit gaat, je vindt alles in honderdvoud. Van superhip, culinaire hoogstandjes tot goedkope simpele eettentjes en afhaal. Als grote eetliefhebber bestaat besteed ik een groot deel van mijn vrije tijd aan eten. Omdat ik helaas nooit alles kan uitproberen en de keuze onuitputtelijk is ben ik in de loop der maanden steeds kieskeuriger geworden wat restaurants betreft. Hieronder 15 tips met betrekking tot uit eten in New York:

1.Avoid big chains – Ga niet naar de grote ketens

 Skip places like McDonald’s, Burger King, Cheesecake Factory, KFC, TGI Fridays, Taco Bell, Chipotle Starbucks, Subway or Dunkin Donuts. You can find them elsewhere. There are plenty of better (local) alternatives which you won’t find outside New York City / Vergeet McDonald’s, Chipotle, Cheesecake Factory, KFC, TGI Fridays, Tacobell, Starbucks, Subway of Dunkin Donuts. Die kan je elders ook vinden. Er zijn zat betere (lokale) alternatieven die je echt alleen in New York kan vinden. 

Food Chains in New York City

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My 20 favorite New York’s West Village breakfast and brunch spots

The West Village, East Village and Lower East Side are my favorite neighborhoods in New York. The West Village is a neighborhood were many television series and films were filmed (such as Sex and the City, Friends and the Cosby Show) and many celebrities reside. Because of the university buildings centered on Washington Square Park, it’s also a popular area among NYU students.

Unlike many neighborhoods in Manhattan in the West Village you will not find any skyscrapers but more narrow streets, brownstone buildings with the typical New York fire exit stairs and pre-war victorian houses. 

West Village New York

The West Village is the place to be for me for several reasons:

1. Less (but still) bumping into tourists with every step you take.

2. Streets with real trees.

3. Tons of small boutiques selling unique things you won’t find at the big chains.

4. Tons of affordable bars and (Jazz) venues with life music every night (see my post on these).

5. Tons of charming cozy coffee shops, cake shops, ice-cream shops and restaurants.

Also some of my favorite breakfast/ brunch spots are located in this area:

1. OATMEALS (120 West 3rd street, between MacDougal street and 6th avenue/ avenue de Americas). $

For a healthy breakfast. I am normally not a super big fan of oatmeal, but this cozy place has such an extensive list of outstanding oatmeals I would never be able to make at home. And not just oatmeals, also lot’s of yummy cookies and beverages. 

Oatmeals New York West Village

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5 Pointz

5 Pointz used to be New York City’s graffiti mecca where graffiti artists from all around the world used to expose their art since the 1990s. Despite all the petitioning unfortunately the Landlord decided to turn the 200.000 square feet complex into high rise buildings. The complex has been recently whitewashed waiting to be replaced by modern apartments. Such a loss of great artwork.

All is left are images. Here are some pictures I took just a few months before they destroyed it.

5 Pointz Courtsquare Queens

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