20 Big Apple Sandwiches worth eating

Sandwiches New York

One thing I noticed immediately the first time I visited New York, was the habit to buy sandwiches every morning for breakfast or afternoon for brunch. From plumber to  policemen to businessmen, I noticed that basically everyone was buying their sandwich. Not a very common thing (yet) in Amsterdam, where I used to make my own sandwich every morning and take them to the office in a plastic lunchbox.

Anyway, since I think that most Big Apple sandwiches from the sandwich place (with multiple thick layers of cheese or meat) are way better than my own-homemade (single layer of cheese or meat) sandwich I took over this habit and stared buying my sandwich outside instead of making my own homemade sandwich. Consequently, I tried out many different sandwiches from various places in Manhattan. I am mostly familiar with the sandwiches available in the Lower East Side, West Village and Midtown West/ Hell’s Kitchen. Because that’s the area where I had most of my breakfast- and lunch breaks.

I did not discover that many yummy sandwich places in other neigbourhoods yet and there are still an uncountable number of sandwiches still to discover yet. That’s right, I am reaaaallly interested in more insider tips :). 

But here some sandwich places that I think are worth a visit during breakfast time or at your daily lunch break: 

Lower East Side

1. Tiny’s little giant sandwich shop

(129 Rivington  street, between Essex and Norfolk street. Lower East Side)

For indeed. Giant Sandwiches in a small cozy cafe. Check out more of my Lower East Side Favorites here

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop New York Lower East Side

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop New York Lower East Side

2. Cheeky Sandwiches 

(35 Orchard street., between Canal street and Hester street. Lower East Side)

 A cute little sandwich shop serving the best fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits in town.

Cheeky Sandwiches Lower East Side New York

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A bagel @ Russ and Daughters

RUSS AND DAUGHTERS (179 East Houston street, between Orchard and Allen street. Lower East Side). $ 

This classic deli shop that has been run by four generations of the Russ family offers is my favorite bagel spot in the city. From regular cream cheese bagels till specialty bagels with smoked fish and caviar. 

Russ and Daughters Lower East Side New York

Russ and Daughters Lower East Side New York

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Brunch @ Marc Forgione

MARC FORGIONE (134 Reade street, between Hudson and Greenwich street. Tribeca). $$

This stylish restaurant is urban and rustic at the same time. Wooden tables are combined with brick stone walls and industrial dark lights. Half of the brunch menu consists out of eggs, not just regular eggs but large egg dishes. Classics with a twist such as eggs Benedict with prosciutto, scrambled eggs with applewood bacon and more, or a burger with an egg on top. I had a Feather Ridge Farm Omelette (with Greenmarket Vegetables and Fresh Goat Cheese. $12), a man sized portion equal to a big breakfast. 

Marc Forgione New York Tribeca

Marc Forgione New York Tribeca

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Gramercy Tavern

GRAMERCY TAVERN (42 East 20th street, between 5th avenue and Park avenue South. Gramercy Park/ Flatiron/ Union Square). $$$

I finally managed to get a table at Gramercy Tavern. An iconic restaurant that has been on my list for ages but the endless line (no reservations are taken at the tavern) in front of the door always just scares me off. But this time I went at an unusual time to have lunch or dinner (at 4pm!) and we were immediately seated :). 

Gramercy Tavern New York

This straightforward classic American cuisine that has been in New York City for over twenty years is one of the most beloved restaurants in the city. Only high quality ingredients are used, stemming from local farms and mostly from the Union Square Greenmarket located a stone’s throw away from the restaurant.  

The restaurant itself is spacious, but with all the wood and the fireplace it still has a warm and welcoming feel. But it’s not the most trendy or romantic place I’ve been to. The service was one of the best I’ve experienced so far. 

Gramercy Tavern New York

I only tried their delicious sea bass but I will definitely come back for more. Because I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the dishes. 

Brunch @ Gansevoort Market

GANSEVOORT MARKET (52 Gansevoort street. Meatpacking District). $ 

Gansevoort Market New York Meatpacking District

A few weeks ago, the Gansevoort Market opened it’s doors in the Meatpacking district. The market is small but there is all kinds of food from different vendors; from Dojo sushi to Granola’s from Yiaourti, lobster rolls from Ed’s Lobster Bar, Italian deli’s from Cappone’s SalumeriaChampion coffee, crepes from Crepe Sucre, more sweets from the Gansevoort Bakery and more. 

Gansevoort Market New York Meatpacking District

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My Lower East Side (LES) Still To- Visit List (New York)

Lower East Side New York

Less than one month and I will be back in my favorite city. I did not even share all my food pictures of the 700+ restaurants I visited in this city so far but my “still to do list” keeps on growing and growing. Anyway, at the end of this month I’ll have 1.5 week to complete a little bit of this endless list. Yay! 

I’ll be staying in one of my favorite neighborhoods, the Lower East Side (check out my favorite LES spots so far here) so the majority of places I’ll eat and drink will most likely be located in the LES. No problem at all, because the Lower east side is a food walhalla full of cool and cozy restaurants, bakeries and bars. Oh help, I am already suffering from fumo again! Here is my LES and surroundings eat- options list so at least I know where to eat when in walking distance (as usual, I did read all of the reviews of the places that are listed below): 


The last time I stayed at the Bowery Hotel. This hotel was fantaaaastic! My favorite hotel in New York City. I wish I could stay here again but I am on a tighter budget this time so I booked an Airbnb stay in the heart of the Lower East Side. I can recommend who doesn’t want to stay in a luxurious hotel anyone to hire via Airbnb, it’s most of the time significantly cheaper than a hotel. But do read the reviews on forehand. 

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Brunch @ Delicatessen

DELICATESSEN (54 Prince street and Lafayette street. Soho/ Nolita)

$$ Food ***  Ambiance ****

The opinions about this popular restaurant located on the border of Soho and Nolita may vary, but I do like this place despite the sometimes slow service. This trendy casual restaurant wit big glass windows and an outdoor terrace serves a wide variety of international comfort food dishes whole day long.

Most of the dishes here are just average (I would give them *** stars), but there are two small bites that I like in particular (I would give these ****):

The Cheeseburger Spring Rolls are my favorite (with ketchup-mustard sauce, $11). As the name says, they basically taste like a cheeseburger wrapped in a crispy spring roll instead of in a bun. They are very filling so I would recommend to share them if you want to leave some space to try out some more dishes. 

Delicatessen New York Soho

Cheeseburger spring rolls @ Delicatessen

My other favorite is the Truffle-Parmigiano Fries ($8), crispy fries with a truffle twist.  Continue Reading →

Organic brunch @ Siggy’s goodfood

SIGGY’S GOODFOOD (292 Elizabeth Street, between Bleecker street and East Houston. Lower East)

$$ Food **** Ambiance ****

A casual cafe with a Bob Marley feeling. Relax atmosphere, friendly service and the food is indeed good! Now as you may know I am a big fan of all organic but unfortunately at most of my favorite restaurants offering really delicious organic food (e.g., The Nomad, Blue Hill, ABC Kitchen, The Fat RadishCookshop, The Little OwlMas Farmhouse) it’s hard to have a decent meal for less than $30.

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A (culinary day) in New York’s Lower East Side – 50 places to visit

Sons of Essex

Lower East Side Collage2

What use to be the home of millions of working class immigrants families living in pour conditions during the late 19th century has now become one of Manhattan’s prime dining and shopping area renowned for it’s countless of trendy restaurants, hipster bars, live music venues, fashionable boutiques and local art galleries. I personally love this area not only for these reasons, but most of all for it’s melting pot of cultures and explosion of creativity.  Here a quick guide to my favorite LES (eat and drink) spots. 

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Brunch @ Dudleys

DUDLEYS (85 Orchard street at Broome street. Lower East Side)

$$ Food **** Ambiance ****

Dudleys is a typical Lower East Side neighborhood bar and restaurant. Besides me and the typical LES/ Brooklyn look (big beards, long hair and John Travolta hairdo’s) servers, there were just two other tables occupied by some hipsters eating by themselves. The atmosphere was casual and relax. I enjoyed the moderate sound level of Michael Jackson’s thriller. 

Dudleys New York Lower East Side


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