Greenpoint (Brooklyn NY)


Greenpoint Brooklyn New York

It was on this cold and rainy day that I was so brave to go outside and walk around, exploring the area in Greenpoint (Brooklyn).  

Greenpoint, also called ” Little Poland ” has been an immigrant enclave for more than a century. Along Manhattan Avenue, you’ll see Polish signs on the store windows and a number of Polish restaurants. 

Today, Greenpoint is still mostly a residential area and not as commercialized yet compared to areas like Williamsburg and Dumbo, however it’s definitely on it’s way in the upswing. More and more designers, musicians, hipsters and even some celebrity are moving into the area. What’s popular in Greenpoint are it’s four B’s: Baked Goods, Beauty, Booz and Beats. And thanks to Trina my teacher at the Fashion Instate, I did not only discover some nice 4 x B’s but also some beautiful boutiques with locally produced designer stuff, vintage treasures and more. 

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My 6 favorite seafoods

I eat meat much more often than I do eat seafood. Not I don’t like it, I do like it a lot but the type of seafood that I like the most are not the dishes you typically eat everyday (lobster, crab, oysters, sashimi). These type of dishes are often quite pricey in restaurants and I don’t know how to well prepare it myself (I know I should learn). I have been to some seafood restaurants but the number I have been to are still countable on three hands. Here are my favorites of those where I have been to:

1. Fish (280 Bleecker street at Jones street. West Village)

$$ Food **** Ambiance ****

Fish has great reasonable priced dishes and a nice ambiance. I would go for the Famous raw bar special (6 blue point oysters or 6 clams on the half- shell with a house wine or beer. $8). A good deal I think. I can also recommend the Lobster Bisque ($6-$8)

Fish New York West Village

Famous Raw Bar Special @ Fish

Fish New York West Village

Lobster Bisque @ Fish

Fish New York West Village

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My 29 favorite coffee and tea discoveries



I am a big tea drinker and not such a big coffee drinker. But I still drink about 1 cup a day (mostly lattes and flat whites). Not having a fancy looking espresso machine or being able to make specialty teas such as the teapuccino or maté laté forces me to visit the coffee shop or tea salon to have my daily cup . Now luckily with a Starbucks on every corner of the street in Manhattan, finding a cup of coffee is an easy task. Besides finding the green and white logo in abundance, New York City has a countless number of other shops where you can get your shot of of caffeine. I personally like to hunt for the more smaller shops rather than the gigantic chains. They are often more personal, cozy and sometimes even a bit hipster and great people watching instead of tourist watching. Now I must admit I am not really a connoisseur when it comes to coffee or tea and I have probably only seen the surface of what New York has to offer in terms of coffee and tea, but these are my 25 favorites so far (in random order per neighborhood)*: Continue Reading →

Weekend brunch @ Smorgasburg Food Market + Dinner @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar

SMORGASBURG FOOD MARKET (East River State Park, 90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St. Brooklyn, Williamsburg & Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5. Brooklyn, Dumbo)

Yay! The Smorgasburg food market opened again last month. Going to this giant outdoor food market is (see their website for their opening hours) is one of my favorite weekend activities. The market features about 100 local and regional vendors selling yummy food from all over the world. I personally like the Williamsburg location (open on Saturdays) slightly better but the Brooklyn Bridge Park location (open on Sundays) has a slightly better view. But no matter where which one you visit, with so many food vendors to choose from I am sure you’ll find something you like

Smorgasburg Foodmarket New York Williamsburg Brooklyn

Smorgasburg @ East River State Park

Smorgasburg Foodmarket New York Williamsburg Brooklyn

Smorgasburg @ East River State Park

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5 x Dumplings


Depending on where you go, Asian dumplings are some of the cheapest delicious snacks available in New York City. Taste wise, it doesn’t really matter where you u get them because they all taste similar (at least to me). The price point on the other hand, can differ but mostly it varies from cheap to super cheap. Here are three well- known places I want to share with you: Continue Reading →

12 American/ French restaurants to take your parents to

In New York City, there are lots of restaurants that I personally love a lot for the good quality of food but which are not per definition the most trendy, cool or unique ones. Here are some of my favorites American/ French ones (I will discuss the Italian, Japanese, Chinese etc. ones later) of which I personally think offer high quality of food but without the loud club scene, hip hop music, seen to be seen scene, cramped seats or packed with hipsters or fashionistas. Just a good variety of descent dishes to choose from, great service and suitable for all ages (also your parents, or grandparents). Hopefully your parents buy you a meal when you take them out for dinner at one of these places because they are all in the higher price range ;-). Make a reservation in advance. 

$$$ Food ****(*) Ambiance ****(*)

1. ABC KITCHEN (35 East 18th street, between Broadway and Park Avenue S. Union Square)

Organic food from Jeane- George Vongerichten. A modern airy restaurants where couples, groups and mothers and daughters are usually seated together in the middle or on the side. 

Order whatever you like because all dishes are yummy. My favorite appetizer is the crab toast (with lemon aioli. $16), my favorite entree the fried organic chicken (with swiss chard and hot sauce butter. $29). As an ice cream lover, my favorite dessert is obviously the sundae (salted caramel ice cream, candied peanuts & popcorn, whipped cream, chocolate sauce. $14)

ABC Kitchen New York

Photo credit: by Melissa Horn

ABC Kitchen New York

Crab Toast @ ABC Kitchen

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In a city full of skyscrapers you can expect tons of rooftop bars. Some with a good view, some that have no view at all but all with expensive drinks (but no entrance fee!). Besides my own apartment rooftop (the cheapest) with a 360-degree view on the Empire State en Freedom Tower these are my personal favorites (I am sorry for the blurry pictures):

1.PH-D ROOFTOP LOUNGE @ DREAM DOWNTOWN hotel (366 West 16th street and 9th Avenue. Meatpacking District). 

There are two dream hotel rooftops (AVA loung and PH-D) but PH-D is my favorite. Both view, vibe and decor are great, especially during the weekend. The party ends at approximately midnight; best time to arrive is between 7-9 pm.

Dress code: High heels, mini skirts or tight pants and sexy tops. 

PH-D Rooftop Lounge New York

View from PH-D Rooftop Lounge @ night

PH-D Rooftop Lounge New York

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Dinner and drinks @ the Brooklyn Bowl

THE BROOKLYN BOWL (61 Wythe Avenue, between N11th street and N12th street. Brooklyn, Williamsburg)

$$$ Food **** Ambiance ****

Yesterday I went for dinner to the Brooklyn Bowl. The Brooklyn Bowl is a one- stop venue for a nice evening out with a group of friends. The big warehouse kind of space consists out of three areas; there is a bar/ restaurant area, a bowling area and a dance area with a live band or DJ. The cover fee on a Saturday evening was $20 for just the entrance ($5 after midnight), an hour of bowling will costs you another $50 for a bowling lane and $5 for the shoe rental. When we arrived at about 7pm it was already a 1,5 hour wait for a dinner table and a 2 hour wait for a bowline lane (which ended up being 4,5 hours).

Bar Area Brooklyn Bowl New York

Bar/ Dining Area

Brooklyn Bowl New York

Bar / Dining Area

We started of with some beers while waiting for our table. The Brookly Bowl offers a wide selection of beers from the Brooklyn Brewery, starting at $6 each (which is pretty cheap for New York!). Continue Reading →

Octopus hotdogs @ Rosarito Fish Shack

ROSARITO FISH SHACK (168 Wythe Avenue & North 7th street. Brooklyn. Williamsburg)

$$ Food **** Ambiance ****

After months of freezing weather spring was finally coming up this weekend. Because of the nice weather I decided to take the train to Williamsburg for a bit of shopping and sightseeing . After some vintage hunting at Beacon’s closet, Brooklyn Junk and Monk, a coffee at Toby’s Estate and a free guided tour at the Brooklyn Brewery  I ended up for a bite at Rosarito Fish Shack, a cozy Mexican seafood restaurant/bar. 

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Weekend brunch, caipirinha’s and samba @ Miss Favela

MISS FAVELA (57 South 5th street and Wythe street. Williamsburg, Brooklyn).

$$ Food **** Ambiance *****

I went to Miss Favela a few times with my Brazilian friend. When you go here on a Saturday afternoon somewhere between 3 and 5 pm, you will definitely have an enjoyable afternoon. Live music, a room full of Brazilians, samba dancing, great Caipirinha’s and delicious traditional Brazilian dishes. Despite the heavy snow outside yesterday, it still felt a bit like summer!

Miss Favela New York Brooklyn

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