3 days in Paris

Paris Collage copy

J & I kicked off 2015 in Paris, the georgeous city of love and wine and pastries. I could not have had a better start of the new year. Since Paris was a last minut splurge, I didn’t manage to make my usual to endless to do list. And all restaurants I wanted to eat at where fully booked. So we arrived in Paris unprepared but that wasn’t a problem at all, because I’ve visited Paris before and I know I will be back again. Hence I didn’t feel the need to see and eat everything in just a few days. Which isn’t possible anyway. We deliberately avoided – out of our budget places – like the Champs-Élysées and Lafayette and Michelin stars, but here’s what we did see and eat and drink:  Continue Reading →

Les Paris Puces

On our last day in Paris, we visited Les Puces de Saint – Queen (18th arr, métro Porte de Cligcancourt / open Mo- Sa 10 pm – 6 pm). Paris it’s largest flea market covering 15 markets divided over 7 hectares. There’s lot’s of rubbish (i.e., fake bags and clothes) but also lot’s of antiques. And if you love vintage furniture as much as I do, this flea is definitely worth a stroll. My personal favorite was Marché Vernaison (99 rue des Roisiers).

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Lunch @ Le Bloempot (Lille)

LE BLOEMPOT (22 reu des Bouchers. Lille, France). €€

I returned from my little trip to Lille but since it was a girls- only trip, I was to busy with shopping (mostly home accessories) to make any proper pictures. But I do want to share some pictures of my favorite restaurant of the trip: Le Bloempot, a Flemish canteen located in Lille it’s old city center.

Bloempot Lille

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5 days in London


Big Ben London

Hello! I has been quiet for a while because I had a great time visiting my brother in London for the last 5 days. Since I suffer severely from FUMO (fear of missing out) every time I step out of my hometown I made an endless list of places I wanted to visit in London. In the end, I did not visit most of the places on my London to do list because of: (a) lack of time (b) pouring rain (c) I had my brother as a local guide. Accompanied by three men, I wasn’t able to do lot’s of shopping but I still tackled a lottt of fabulous food ˆˆ. Here a recap:  Continue Reading →

My London to go list



Woohoo, one more day and than I’ll be visiting my brother in London for a long weekend. I am really exited about this  trip because culinary wise, cultural wise and shopping wise London has so much to offer. Although this will be my 5th time visiting London, during all my previous visits I mostly focused on the very touristic things hence I still have the feeling that I’ve only seen the surface of the city. So if any of you know any hidden gems in London I would really love to hear it!

Now unfortunately I probably won’t be able to do lots of shopping because I will be accompanied by three guys who all dislike shopping a lot. Never mind, still lot’s of other things to do and eat ˆˆ . Since I have only 4 1/2 full days I want to spend my time wisely. Therefore, I did a little research myself on forehand. I know for sure that I won’t be able to visit all of these place but here’s my to go list so far (in random order):

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Afternoon Tea @ The Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

WALDORF ASTORIA AMSTERDAM (Herengracht 542-556. Amsterdam – Centrum)

A New Waldorf Astoria opened it’s doors in Amsterdam a few days ago so I had to check it out this afternoon. The hotel comprised six historic townhouses build in the 17th and 18th century.

I only had some expensive cup of tea (€8,-), Cafe Latte (€6,50) and wine (€9,-) so I did not get to try the (probably excellent) food from Jonnie and Thérèse Boer from 3- Michelin Star restaurant De Librije  or see any of the hotel rooms. The interior from the restaurant/bar (designed by G A Design International) that I did see, was very beautiful; elegant and classic with a modern twist, exactly like you would expect at a classic high end hotel chain. The costumes designed by Jan Taminiau did not impress me much, since I cannot even remember what they were look like.

The restaurant was quiet on a Sunday afternoon, the restaurant/bar was occupied by just a couple of “older”guests and there was no music playing in the background. We were probably the youngest guests in the room. 

Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam

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One weekend in Budapest

It’s been already a while ago since I visited Budapest for a weekend. Unfortunately, I did not make any proper pictures of what I ate, but I did make a little eat- and sightseeing schedule. So for those who have plans to Budapest for a first time, these where my culinary and touristic highlights in the 2 days I had in this gorgeous city: 


Breakfast @ Menza restaurant and cafe:  A modern retro cafe close to our hotel serving all kinds of dishes. I had scrambled eggs and hot chocolate :).

Lunch @ The Great Market Hall (Vasarcsarnok)

Great Market Hall Budapest

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