Russian @ Mari Vanna

MARI VANNA (41 East 20th street, between Broadway and Park Avenue South. Flatiron, Union Square). $$$

I have never been to Russia but I can image that Mari Vanna looks like a typical traditional Russian living room; antique furniture, shabby chique chairs (I have the same at home), vintage cupboards, antique chandeliers and a wall full of family pictures. Somewhat similar to my own very girly living room but in an old-fashioned way.

Mari Vanna3

Mari Vanna New York

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My 6 favorite seafoods

I eat meat much more often than I do eat seafood. Not I don’t like it, I do like it a lot but the type of seafood that I like the most are not the dishes you typically eat everyday (lobster, crab, oysters, sashimi). These type of dishes are often quite pricey in restaurants and I don’t know how to well prepare it myself (I know I should learn). I have been to some seafood restaurants but the number I have been to are still countable on three hands. Here are my favorites of those where I have been to:

1. Fish (280 Bleecker street at Jones street. West Village)

$$ Food **** Ambiance ****

Fish has great reasonable priced dishes and a nice ambiance. I would go for the Famous raw bar special (6 blue point oysters or 6 clams on the half- shell with a house wine or beer. $8). A good deal I think. I can also recommend the Lobster Bisque ($6-$8)

Fish New York West Village

Famous Raw Bar Special @ Fish

Fish New York West Village

Lobster Bisque @ Fish

Fish New York West Village

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A (culinary) day in New York’s East Village (my 26 favorites)

East Village New York

What I love so much about New York is it’s variety of neighborhoods. Each neighborhood in New York has it’s own character, atmosphere, landscape and diversity of buildings and people. Every single neighborhood is so inspiring, great people watching and there are always new restaurants, bars and events opening up. No matter what neighborhood you live in, you will never run out of activities to do.  Since I know most of Manhattan’s neighborhoods by heart (except for the uptown neighborhoods) I decided to make a little overview with my favorite spots per neighborhood. My personal favorites are the West Village and East Village (see my post about my favorite breakfast and brunch spots in the West Village and my post about my favorite jazz bars and life music venues in the West Village Let me start with the East Village. The East Village is perhaps one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City in terms of people and restaurants. There are countless of bars, coffee shops and restaurants (especially Japanese ones) to visit and literary all kinds of food can be found here. Here are just a few of the tons of places to visit in the Eat Village but hopefully it will help those who are not familiar with the East Village (and have only little time) to make a selection. Let me know how you liked it and off course, I’d love to hear about your favorite places in the East Village. 

Saint Marks Place East Village New York

@ Saint Marks Place

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Weekend brunch @ Smorgasburg Food Market + Dinner @ Brooklyn Night Bazaar

SMORGASBURG FOOD MARKET (East River State Park, 90 Kent Ave at N. 7 St. Brooklyn, Williamsburg & Brooklyn Bridge Park, Pier 5. Brooklyn, Dumbo)

Yay! The Smorgasburg food market opened again last month. Going to this giant outdoor food market is (see their website for their opening hours) is one of my favorite weekend activities. The market features about 100 local and regional vendors selling yummy food from all over the world. I personally like the Williamsburg location (open on Saturdays) slightly better but the Brooklyn Bridge Park location (open on Sundays) has a slightly better view. But no matter where which one you visit, with so many food vendors to choose from I am sure you’ll find something you like

Smorgasburg Foodmarket New York Williamsburg Brooklyn

Smorgasburg @ East River State Park

Smorgasburg Foodmarket New York Williamsburg Brooklyn

Smorgasburg @ East River State Park

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Octopus hotdogs @ Rosarito Fish Shack

ROSARITO FISH SHACK (168 Wythe Avenue & North 7th street. Brooklyn. Williamsburg)

$$ Food **** Ambiance ****

After months of freezing weather spring was finally coming up this weekend. Because of the nice weather I decided to take the train to Williamsburg for a bit of shopping and sightseeing . After some vintage hunting at Beacon’s closet, Brooklyn Junk and Monk, a coffee at Toby’s Estate and a free guided tour at the Brooklyn Brewery  I ended up for a bite at Rosarito Fish Shack, a cozy Mexican seafood restaurant/bar. 

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15 Food hunting tips in New York City

With over 30.000 restaurants, New York is heaven for food lovers. Whatever type of restaurant or food you prefer, you’ll find everything in ten or hundred fold. From over the top hip, haute cuisine to cheap hole in the walls and take-outs. As a huge food lover, most of my spare time revolves around food. Because I will never be able to try out everything and the choices are unlimited, over the past months I have become more and more selective when it comes to my choosing a restaurant. So here are 15 tips I’d like to share with you when eating out: 


Met meer dan 30.000 restaurants om uit te kiezen is New York een Walhalla voor eetliefhebbers. Waar je voorkeur ook naar uit gaat, je vindt alles in honderdvoud. Van superhip, culinaire hoogstandjes tot goedkope simpele eettentjes en afhaal. Als grote eetliefhebber bestaat besteed ik een groot deel van mijn vrije tijd aan eten. Omdat ik helaas nooit alles kan uitproberen en de keuze onuitputtelijk is ben ik in de loop der maanden steeds kieskeuriger geworden wat restaurants betreft. Hieronder 15 tips met betrekking tot uit eten in New York:

1.Avoid big chains – Ga niet naar de grote ketens

 Skip places like McDonald’s, Burger King, Cheesecake Factory, KFC, TGI Fridays, Taco Bell, Chipotle Starbucks, Subway or Dunkin Donuts. You can find them elsewhere. There are plenty of better (local) alternatives which you won’t find outside New York City / Vergeet McDonald’s, Chipotle, Cheesecake Factory, KFC, TGI Fridays, Tacobell, Starbucks, Subway of Dunkin Donuts. Die kan je elders ook vinden. Er zijn zat betere (lokale) alternatieven die je echt alleen in New York kan vinden. 

Food Chains in New York City

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3 x Shawarma

On almost every corner in Manhattan, you can find a shawarma stand. Well the embarrassing thing is that I haven’t tried any of them. Not that I think that they aren’t tasty (they all smell really good), but I just don’t like the idea of the food just laying there outside in the open polluted air the whole day. However, I have been to a bunch of Lebanese, Greek, Turkish and other Mediterranean restaurants where I ate shawarma.
So here is my top three so far:

1.ILLILI (236, 5th Avenue between E27th and E28th street. Flatiron)

Illili is a trendy Lebanese restaurant offering inspired Mediterranean cuisine. Their Duck shawarma ( 17 duck magret & chicken fig jam , green onion,  garlic whip. $17) is three times as expensive as the average shawarma but definitely the best I ever ate.

Illili New York

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Sunday Couples’Night @ Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar

AYZA WINE AND CHOCOLATE BAR (1, 7th Avenue South, between Carmine & Leroy street. West Village).

$$$ Food *** Ambiance ****

This Sunday evening,  I visited Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar. Every Sunday from 5pm onwards, you can visit Ayza for couple’s night and end your weekend with a romantic dinner  for two, some wine, martini’s and small bites.

The restaurant/ bar is small and intimate and the small tables are covered with candles and rose petals. The menu consists of a wide selection of wines, cocktail, small sweets, savory bites and cheeses to choose from. Perfect for a romantic date or enjoyable girls night out.

Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar West Village New York

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