Olivia’s pretty pink ice cream and flower first birthday

Haven’t shared any pictures for ages! So many things were going on since our little girl was born I couldn’t find the time anymore. But for sure the best thing that happened to me this year (actually in my whole life) is she making part of it. She turned one-year-old last month and in order to celebrate this little miracle I wanted to eat some ice cream and some cake. But as a foodlover with a weakness for pink , I ended up having too pink and too much ice cream- cake. Lol. We snapped some (much) of it in the morning of her birthday bash

Olivia 1

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Our wedding pt 2: The reception, Entertainment and a Candy Bar + DIY links

Following the ceremony, there was the reception with an open bar, a DIY candy table, hors d’oeuvres and some entertainment.  

Since there wasn’t any budget left for a professional candy bar I set up a DIY candy table myself early in the morning of our big day (time wise, this maybe wasn’t such a good idea) drawing candy table inspiration from the internet. For the candy bar, I bought peach silk and tulle in New York’s garment districts to use as tablecloth and made my own paper flower backdrop.

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Our wedding pt 1: The story about the ceremony + DIY links

Wedding- Ceremony

Today is our three months wedding anniversary, high time to share some photo’s and pictures with you. The pictures are finally ready and collected and there are lots and lots and lots of them (over a thousand!)!. Too much to share them all and too much to put in just one post. But let me start with the ceremony:

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My Halloween outfits!

Oh la la I celebrated Halloween big time! Not one, but four days in a row. I haven’t really been partying for a long time and I am so used anymore to staying up late. Yup, I am really really tired now (yes I am a granny). But my past few days were so awesome and such a fun way to disconnect from daily life for a bit. Plus, almost any big apple bash is awesome.  Four celebrations =  different outfits :D. Some are pretty simple, and some are quite embarrassing.

A few iPhoto’s if you’d like to see: 

Halloween Outfits

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A DIY Photo booth


DIY Photobooth

Another element we did not have any budget for was a professional Photo Booth. So I decided to make our own. For less than 50 dollars and an hour of work I created one. Here’s how:


Ook voor een professionele foto booth was geen budget meer over, dus dan maken we er toch gewoon zelf een?! Voor nog geen 50 euro en een uurtje werk heb je er een gemaakt. Hier is hoe:

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One day after my biggest party ever!

Yesterday was the best day of my life. Surrounded by family and friends, the whole day was a day full excitement, fun, happiness, love and laughter. I am so thankful to everyone who participated in our special day and seeing all those happy faces truly filled my heart wit joy. I will share some pictures of different aspects of our wedding in some future posts, including the countless number of dresses I tried on, the vendors I used and some DIY tutorials. But first a sneak peak into some memorable moments:

Wedding Ceremony

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One day before my biggest party ever!


One day and it’s finally there! It’s been over two years since my bf and I got engaged but time past by so fast. I can’t be more exited to marry the love of my life. After months of decorating, painting, crafting, gluing, knotting and shopping I can’t wait to see it all come together. Looking forward to see all my friends and family! 


The Candy Table Part II

In my previous post, I was telling that I am currently working on the design of a theme- colored candy table. I did not decide about all the details yet but It will be a mix of pink, peach, gold and glitters. Since I have only about half an hour to set things up it can only be a small table with a few simple eye catchers.  Here are a some of the items that I purchased for it.  I am not sure yet whether I will need all of them but I hope my candy table will turn out pretty! Do you have any ideas about what I can do with these items? 


In mijn vorige post vertelde ik over mijn plannen om een snoeptafel te maken geheel in thema kleur. Ik weet nog niet helemaal in  hoe deze eruit gaat zien maar het wordt in ieder geval een mix van roze, perzik, goud en glitters. Omdat ik slechts een half uur heb om de tafel op te zetten wordt het waarschijnlijk een kleine tafel met een paar simpele eye catchers. Hier een aantal dingetjes die ik voor mijn snoeptafel gekocht heb. Ik weet nog niet zeker of ik ze wel allemaal nodig heb maar ik hoop dat het een mooi resultaat wordt. Heb jij een idee met wat ik met deze spullen kan doen? 

Candy Table

Candy Table

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My search for the perfect dress part 1: 10 different shops

Photo credit: http://seekingthesouth.tumblr.com/post/71331707989

I finally found my dress. When searching for a wedding dress, you know when it’s the one. At least,  that is what every reality tv show about wedding dresses tell me. Well, unfortunately I did not get that “feeling”. I visited many stores and tried on countless dresses but in New York City there are just too many dresses too choose from. There were many I did not like, many I did like but not on me, and many that I did like. Since I am a tiny person, unfortunately bling bling dresses will over power me which narrowed down my search a little. But with so many bridal saloons in one city, it was still hard for me to make a decision. Continue Reading →