Olivia’s pretty pink ice cream and flower first birthday

Haven’t shared any pictures for ages! So many things were going on since our little girl was born I couldn’t find the time anymore. But for sure the best thing that happened to me this year (actually in my whole life) is she making part of it. She turned one-year-old last month and in order to celebrate this little miracle I wanted to eat some ice cream and some cake. But as a foodlover with a weakness for pink , I ended up having too pink and too much ice cream- cake. Lol. We snapped some (much) of it in the morning of her birthday bash

Olivia 1

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For anyone that’s interested, I finally finally uploaded my pictures of my Vietnam trip. We hiked a lot, biked a lot and most of all ate a lot. We saw food, people, city’s, villages, mountains, beaches, boats, lakes, motorbikes, animals and sooo much more. Here’s a little impression about how this beautiful and diverse country looks trough my camera and phone. Have a nice weekend!

The people of Vietnam; old, young and all so friendly

This genuine old lady has been the only fresh rice noodle provider for the whole town of Hoi An for ages. She made them without any modern equipment and was so full of joy.

Kim Bong Village Hoi An, Vietnam

Now she has a young assistant to help her out…

These handmade woven items from Kim Bong Village cost around $5 dollar a piece. It takes about half a half a day to make one.

Mai Cau Vietnam

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Fall in the City

Fall is my least favorite season. The weather starts to cool off, there is lots of rain, it’s windy and the sale did not start yet. Not a lot of reasons to go out for a walk. But luckily in New York, the sun shines a lot all year long. And during those sunny days, I’d like to stroll around in one of the many parks (below The Bronx Botanical Garden and Washington Square Park) or walk around in the West Village. The look of the city changes every other city.  Also this fall I start to see New York in a new light. Up to date, it’s mostly colored trees and pumpkins. Right now, the leaves of the trees have the most beautiful colors now. Oh and yes, the Ice Skating rings just opened their doors!

Fall in New York City

West Village New York City

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Winter in Central Park

Hello friends! 

We’re in the midst of winter wonderland right now. Over the last few weeks we survived heavy snowstorms and crazy cold temperatures. Offices were closed, schools were closed. New York City hasn’t been this cold for years. But despite the cold, there are so many days of sunshine and during those sunny (but freezing!) days, I still enjoy walking around. At one of those sunny days, my BF and I decided to have a romantic walk in the park and have some pictures taken: 

Winter Central Park New York

Winter Central Park New York

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