Moving out + Bathroom love part 1

Hello! It’s been a while because I’ve been busy working on some exciting upcoming new things. Yay As you might know we have been planning to move to a bigger house for a while. When we bought our first house, the initial plan was to live here for just a couple of years which turned into over seven years right now. Yes, it’s high time to move out, and it’s finally coming a bit more together. I am currently designing the rooms for our future house and spending most of my spare time into strolling on the internet looking for inspiration and the right materials within our budget. 

I started with the most necessary thing, which is the bathroom. You can sleep in any room, takeout food everyday but you can’t without a proper shower or toilet. 

When it comes to interiors, there are so many different styles I like. When still living in the States, I loved my (1) Classic Marble bathroom. I never had such chic bathroom before and compared to my student dorm, to me it felt very glamorous. 

Bathroom Townsend New York

However, the most luxurious marble bathroom I could ever make use of was my bathroom in Bali, at the Komaneka hotel in Ubud.

(2) But then I absolutely adored the bathroom at the Bowery hotel, where I stayed during my last week in New York City. To me, this bathroom had a very French/Italian feel but also a bit bohemian, industrial yet chic and modern at the same time. 

bathroom Bowery hôtel New York

(3) Then last summer, I visited Asia and was blown away by the view of my Rustic bathroom at the Sea House in Borneo where we stayed during the first half of our trip. 

Bathroom Sipadan Malaysia

Bathroom Sipadan Malaysia

(4) After the Sea House, we continued our journey to a Beach House in Koh Samui where I got inspired by the Earthy bathroom which really gave me the feeling of being in the nature. 

(5) On the other hand, I also love Neutral White bathrooms that are airy and timeless. Like this one bathroom at my vacation house in Indonesia. 

Bali Bathroom

So hard to decide which style to go for… Which type of bathroom do you like the most? 

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