My Full house in Amsterdam


We moved to our current home 7 years ago, when J and I were both still in college and the only thing we by then were able to buy was a lick of paint and some of the cheapest Ikea hacks. A light-dark contrast was the upcoming trend at that time so we painted everything white and (dark) grey. 

7 Years later, we still didn’t do any construction and still have our Ikea furniture but still love our home. It really feels like our home but it’s getting too tiny. As a shoppaholic having a hard things getting rid of stuff, over the past years I collected a lot; Clothes, accessories, home deco, table wear, pictures, stuffed animals… Right now there isn’t any room for my clothes, big dinner parties let alone buying new things.  There is stuff everywhere, mountain climbing on a daily basis.

Time for a bigger space. Up to date, after all those years Ikea is still my best friend. My love for Scandinavian design and all things white and feminine remained so the look and feel of our new home will probably remain more or less similar to our current home except a bit more colorful. However, I finally saved up enough to buy my very first floor, my first kitchen, first bathroom and hopefully walk-in closet

In case you’re interested, here some snaps of our home in Amsterdam that I took over the past years (and everything that’s not on the picture is covered with clothes :P) : 




Later on, we painted it all white…

Craft room

Craft room


Living room


Craft Room






Please come visit if you’d like to ;-). 

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