Makeover needed + bathroom love part 2

This is the bathroom that needs a serious makeover. A huge challenge for me because: (1) It’s hell ugly; (2) There isn’t much space and we can’t make it a lot bigger. What you see on the picture is all there is, no hidden corners or anything; (3) I have less than 3 months to collect all necessary materials and transform the whole space into something more appealing; (4) I can’t afford an architect or any designer items; (5) I therefore have to design and renovate it myself, on a budget with zero construction knowledge. 

Bathroom makeover

So let’s make the best out of it . I started with digging into my memory, thinking about bathrooms I came across over the past few years. In my previous post I talked about different bathroom styles I love; (1) the Classic marble bathroom, the more (2) Bohemian industrial bathroom with a French/ Italian feel, (3) the Rustic bathroom, (4) the Earthy bathroom but also (5) an (all) White timeless and airy bathroom. 

Based on this inspiration, I started strolling over the internet looking for similar bathrooms and I am currently looking for bathroom suppliers that supply the necessary materials to create the bathroom I love. Here some moodboards I created for each differen style of bathroom:

1. The Elegant Marble Bathroom.The kind of bathroom you see in many classic luxury hotels, with lots of glamorous marble. Elements of this type of bathroom are silver cranes, grey/white marble walls and glass doors. 

Marble Bathroom

2 . The Bohemian industrial bathroom with a French/ Italian feel.  I don’t know how to exactly define this type of bathroom because to me it has a bit of verything. It’s rustic, industrial, modern, bohemian but also has a very Europen charm. But it was in Brooklyn and Manhatten where I noticed this style for the first time in trendy restaurants, bars and hotels. Up to date I I noticed that also many public spaces in Amsterdam copied (where inspired by) this style. Typical characteristics of this type of bathroom are black French doors, copper pipes and subway tiles. I haven’t discovered any shop in the Netherlands yet that sells these type of pipes and doors at a reasonable price. So if you have some tips, please help me out! 

Eclectic bathroom

3.  The Rustic bathroom. This country chic farmhouse bathroom feels like being on vacation somewhere on the country side. Typical features are lots of natural elements,  brown and white wood, wooden floors,cabinets and shelves. Lots of elements you could actually DIY. 

Rustic Bahtroom

4. The Earthy bathroom. This is another type of bahtroom bringing me in the vacation mood. But not on the country side but somewhere somewhere exotic. The earthy bathroom is characterized by earthy tones and natural materials such as limestone and rocks.

Earthy bathroom

5. The Neutral (allmost all) white bathroom. This white bahtroom is probably the most timeless bahtroom of all. It’s minimalistic but still stylish, fresh and very airy. I think this type of bathroom is ideal for small bathroom spaces like mine. Elements are white concrete walls, a white sink and a white bahtroom. Basically (almost) everything white with little texture.

via: Decozilla, Bread and Olives, Donkey and the Carrot, SF Girl By Bay, Simply Grove, Bathroom Interior Design 499.

Neutral Modern Bathroom

I love white bathrooms, thats for sure. But since I love so many different kinds of bathroom styles, my ideal bathroom would be a mixture of styles. Whereas I believe a mixture of styles is very well possible for most rooms, considering the small size of my future bathroom, mixing all the above styles will probably too much. 

Let’s see how it turns out. Which style would you go for? 

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