Makeover needed + Kitchen love part 1

The kitchen is the second room after the bathroom that need a huge restyle. Don’t you think this current kitchen looks…old? Dirty? Just anything but nice? 

I am everything but a kitchen princess so there’s no need for a complete design kitchen with all of the newest appliances but still… I can’t cook in something like this day in day out. 

Kitchen Moodboard

We’re going to replace the whole for something more appealing that hopefully motivates me to become a better cook. 

Whereas I am still very indecisive about what to do with the bathroom, I have a much better idea about how I want the kitchen to look like.

Kitchen Moodboard1

Another white space with a bright and open feel. That means breaking down the current walls between the kitchen and living room and replacing the brown floor and cabinet doors for lighter colors. A bit of a farm feel will be created by adding a wooden kitchen block and wooden floating shelves.

I love everything open and wish I could have a kitchen full of open shelves if there would have been space enough to display all my hundreds of plates and glasses. But there isn’t, which makes additional cabinet doors necessary. But probably glass cabinet doors to still keep that open feel.

The kitchen walls will be covered with fresh metro white tiles and then there will be some boho decorations which I am not going to reveal yet until the kitchen is there. 

I hope it all turns out the way I envisioned it. You’ll see ;-). 

Photo credit: Arrows, NSMBL, SF Girl By Bay, Apartment Therapy, Domaine Home 

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