DIY Fringe table numbers

DIY Table number

Planning to host a fun dinner party with some pop of color? Here some table numbers you might consider to make. Depending on your color theme, you can make them in any color you like; pink or blue for a baby shower or bachelorette, orange and black for Halloween, green for st. Patrick’s day, red for Christmas, gold for New Years eve or a mixture of your favorite colors. I made these table numbers for my wedding, using a mixture of gold, pink and various shaded of pink. 

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Valentine gift guide

Just four days left now. Did you already craft or bake a Valentine’s gift? No?! If u really don’t have any time to do so, here are some gifts I wish I’d love to receive that don’t require any crafting or baking ˆ-ˆ

valentine gifts

valentine gifts


(1) Honey and Bloom – Love color screen print, $35 (2) Ban.Do – Sweet talk bangle, $24 (3) Ashley Brooke Designs – Everyday I am hustlin’ travel mug, $22 (4) Fortune – Telling book of love, $9.94 (5) Erin Jane Designs – Twig Ring 14k Yellow Recycled Gold Branch Band, $366 (6) Essie – Nail polish glitters, $8.50 (7) M.A.C – Pretty Please lipstick, $16 (8) ModCloth – On par with posh heel, $69.99 (9) Honey and Bloom – Gold bits heart of hearts bracelet, $135 (10) Ban.Do – It girl Bobbi, $12 (11) Holly Becker – Decorate with flowers, $17.25 (12) Rituals – Jasmine dream relaxing  scented candle, $29 (13) ABC Carpet and Home – Muuto pink visu chair, $419 (14) Society6 – I love you beady much print, $18 (15) Ted Baker – Ceirra round tassel zip clutch bag, $241.

What do you have on your wish list? 

10 places in Korea Town

Like an abundance of noodle bars, there is also an abundance of Korean (BBQ) restaurants in New York City. A lot of them are located in Korea Town, centered around 32nd street between 5th and 6th avenue. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much Korean restaurants concentrated in one area outside Korea. If you are in Koreatown and don’t have a clue which one to visit, here are some places you might consider:

1. New Wonjo (23 West 32nd street, between 5th and 6th Avenue). $$

My favorite for Korean BBQ. Order: Scallion Pancake, A BBQ- Combo.

KoreaTown New York

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10 x Valentine crafts

Valentine Collage

Since my brother was born on Valentine’s day, we normally celebrate his birthday that day but since he will be in London this year I have to think about something else to do. I won’t expect my hubby to organize anything because unfortunately, he isn’t much of a romanticist. Although I am not a very romantic person either, I want to do or make at least something in order to celebrate our happy eight year romance. Last year I made some DIY Valentine cards but I am not sure yet what to make this year. I’ve rounded up a few Valentine craft projects I love:

1. These DIY Bud Vases to put in my roses (via Britt + Co).

Valentine Crafts

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20 Big Apple Sandwiches worth eating

Sandwiches New York

One thing I noticed immediately the first time I visited New York, was the habit to buy sandwiches every morning for breakfast or afternoon for brunch. From plumber to  policemen to businessmen, I noticed that basically everyone was buying their sandwich. Not a very common thing (yet) in Amsterdam, where I used to make my own sandwich every morning and take them to the office in a plastic lunchbox.

Anyway, since I think that most Big Apple sandwiches from the sandwich place (with multiple thick layers of cheese or meat) are way better than my own-homemade (single layer of cheese or meat) sandwich I took over this habit and stared buying my sandwich outside instead of making my own homemade sandwich. Consequently, I tried out many different sandwiches from various places in Manhattan. I am mostly familiar with the sandwiches available in the Lower East Side, West Village and Midtown West/ Hell’s Kitchen. Because that’s the area where I had most of my breakfast- and lunch breaks.

I did not discover that many yummy sandwich places in other neigbourhoods yet and there are still an uncountable number of sandwiches still to discover yet. That’s right, I am reaaaallly interested in more insider tips :). 

But here some sandwich places that I think are worth a visit during breakfast time or at your daily lunch break: 

Lower East Side

1. Tiny’s little giant sandwich shop

(129 Rivington  street, between Essex and Norfolk street. Lower East Side)

For indeed. Giant Sandwiches in a small cozy cafe. Check out more of my Lower East Side Favorites here

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop New York Lower East Side

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop New York Lower East Side

2. Cheeky Sandwiches 

(35 Orchard street., between Canal street and Hester street. Lower East Side)

 A cute little sandwich shop serving the best fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits in town.

Cheeky Sandwiches Lower East Side New York

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Paper Flowers

Last summer, I was crafting lots of paper flowers for my upcoming wedding (which seems ages ago now). Besides a bunch of flower garlands, I was planning to make a small flower wall but found out that the venue didn’t allow me to stick anything on the wall:(. Eventually I made small flower cardboard instead to still have some of a flower backdrop. But I still have all the paper flowers, which I am gonna reuse to decorate the wall of my future home. It’s been a while, but here the result:

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DE YSBREKER (Weesperzijde 23. Amsterdam-Oost). €€

Ysbreker is one of those large restaurants that despite it’s space still manages to create a cozy feel. This modern restaurant is good for basically all kinds or occasions; breakfast, brunch, dinner, after work drinks, cocktails nights, little bites, birthday parties, family dinners, date nights and more. 

Ysbreker Amsterdam

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