For anyone that’s interested, I finally finally uploaded my pictures of my Vietnam trip. We hiked a lot, biked a lot and most of all ate a lot. We saw food, people, city’s, villages, mountains, beaches, boats, lakes, motorbikes, animals and sooo much more. Here’s a little impression about how this beautiful and diverse country looks trough my camera and phone. Have a nice weekend!

The people of Vietnam; old, young and all so friendly

This genuine old lady has been the only fresh rice noodle provider for the whole town of Hoi An for ages. She made them without any modern equipment and was so full of joy.

Kim Bong Village Hoi An, Vietnam

Now she has a young assistant to help her out…

These handmade woven items from Kim Bong Village cost around $5 dollar a piece. It takes about half a half a day to make one.

Mai Cau Vietnam

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3 days in Hanoi

Hello! Its been already a month ago since I visited Vietnam but I didn’t find any time earlier to tell you about my trip. Let’s start with Hanoi, which was almost similar to how I imagined it. Full of lantern, motobikes, street vendors, eateries and most of all chaos. Traffic rules don’t exist here, traffic rules don’t have any function and transporting the whole family on one motorcycle (without wearing a helmet) is the most ordinary thing in the world.

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Bangkok in 3,5 days


We ended our trip in Bangkok. Exhausted and broke from the weeks before in Kuala Lumpurthe sea house and beach house,  we didn’t shop and visit that many restaurants as we were planning to visit in Bangkok. Our breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner was mostly consumed at the streets of Bangkok. There are so many street vendors selling delicious warm meals for just a couple of dollars.

Street Food Bangkok

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The Beach House

After the Sea House came the Beach House. A real beach house this time (well… near the beach). Like at our sea house; besides relaxing at the beach, pool and enjoying the local food there wasn’t that much to do. Hence we didn’t do a lot more than that. But it was still a special romantic getaway we’ll probably never forget.

Koh Samui Sea Dance ResortKoh Samui Sea Dance Resort

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The Sea House

After a long and bumpy trip we are back to civilization from our honeymoon beach house. A wooden house on poles built somewhere in the sea totally disconnected from the mainland. So it was actually not a real beach house but a sea house. 3 hours by plane from Kuala Lumpur, 1.5 hour by bus and another almost full house by speedboat and we arrived at the resort on poles. And it was such a peaceful paradise there… Could see the turtles swimming in front of my door. There wasn’t any internet or television. Basically all there was, was sea so all we were able to do was swim and relax. Here some pictures of the incrediblele sea house and it’s stunning surrounding to share with you. 

Honeymoon Beach House

Honeymoon Beach House

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3 days in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur

Because we had to fly from Kuala Lumpur in order to get to our first beach house, we started our little trip in this city. The last time that I visited Kuala Lumpur, four years ago the city did leave me with a lasting memory but this time I really, really enjoyed it. I was surprised how modern and clean it is and impressed by the number of shops and restaurants (that’s the only thing we saw during our short stay) the city has to offer. As usual, I made an endless to do list of eateries  to visit in Kuala Lumpur and in the end, we managed to tackle about 1/3rd of it:). Here some pictures. In Kuala Lumpur we had: Continue Reading →

Our honeymoon beach house

Hi there! I am currently looking for honeymoon stays and the only reason why I did not book something yet is because there are just too many place I want to go to. Unfortunately we both cannot take too much time off from work and since, after paying all those vendor bills we will be nearly bankrupt anyway, it will be a short vacation rather than a big road trip. This somewhat narrowed down our options but still…the possibilities are endless. One thing we did decide on is that there should be a beach, a beach where we haven’t been yet, a house near the beach and at least some luxury because it’s after all our honeymoon. Another thing we decided on is the continent; it will a beach in be Southeast Asia (or Asia) because we haven’t been there for three years and we start to miss the food over there. Besides that, food and accommodations are usually slightly cheaper compared to most Western countries so thats more bang for our buck. If we have some left, we consider to spend the last bit on one of the following dream accomodations:

1. Raja Ampat – Misool Eco Resort (Indonesia)


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