10 Cupcakes to try

In part I of the sweetness galore, I shared my favorite Ice Cream spots with you. But I had more guilty pleasures, not just ice cream but also cakes, donuts, cookies, chocolate martini’s, candy bars…. Basically everything sweet and unhealthy. Now the last sweet thing I’d like to share with you are cupcakes. I cannot imagine that there’s a less cupcake minded city than New York City. Besides the big M sign, there’s not just a coffee shop on every corner. Also a cupcake place. There’s no way that I will be able to try them all out, but here are my 10 favorites so far (in random order):

 1. A Coconut Cupcake @ DC Cupcakes 

(111 Mercer street, between Spring and Prince street. Soho)

DC Cupcakes New York

 2. Mini Cupcakes  @ Baked By Melissa (various locations all over)

Baked By Melissa New York

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The Frying Pan

THE FRYING PAN (530 west 26th street, docked at Pier 66 in Hudson River Park. Chelsea)

This week did not start fantastic. My bf just left  for a trip to NYC and I feel kinda lonely after coming home alone from a long day at work. It has been cloudy and pouring rain whole day and will continue to do so till the end of the week (it’s July!). One of my favorite warm weather outdoor spots is the Frying Pan, an old boat floating on the Hudson River now turned into an outdoor bar. Love watching the amazing sunset here. I just wish I was at the Frying Pan right now.

The Frying Pan New York

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5 Fried Chickens

Last month I posted some pictures of my favorite organic chickens in the City and how a simple piece of chicken can be raised to a whole other level of the idea of chicken. At the same time, I am also hooked to greasy fried chicken wings which. Due to budget reasons, I actually eat fried chicken a lot more often than the upscale organic ones. Here is my top 5 (in random order): 

1. BLUE RIBBON FRIED CHICKEN (48, East 1st street & 2nd Avenue. East Village)

$ Food **** Ambiance ***

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken is one of the restaurants of the Blue Ribbon Empire. You can find blue ribbon fried chicken in their East village location, or at the Brooklyn Bowl. Their East Village spot is a sort of fast-food restaurant. KFC-like but better. Since the fried chicken ($1.75 and up) was quite disappointing according to the daily news, it did not expect much when eating here. Surprisingly I really enjoyed the my fried wings. The skin was somewhat dry compared to the chicken places as described below, but I liked the spicy taste of it.

Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken Brooklyn Bowl New York

Chicken wings from Blue Ribbon

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My 18 favorite Italians

A lot of Italian restaurants are concentrated in and around Little Italy and there are actually some really good ones such as Torrisi, the Italian Food Center, Alleva Dairy and my favorite sorbet spot Mo Gelato. However, I normally don’t go to Little Italy if I am up to Italian food because of all the tourists that turn me off. Other than that I personally believe the majority of restaurants in Little Italy are just tourist traps not worth the quality your paying for. 

I really love pasta’s so I’ve visited tons of Italian restaurants (outside Little Italy) but since there are so many to choose from, my to do list of Italian restaurants is still endless and just keeps growing and growing when new ones are popping up.

These are my favorites so far:

West Village 

1. ROSEMARY”S ENOTECA AND TRATTORIA  (18 Greenwhich Avenue at West 10th street. West Village). $$

A spacious popular West Village restaurant with a great ambiance and decent dishes. The weekends are always packed with a young and trendy crowd. Have dinner on the roof during summer. Read my previous post for more details. 

Rosemary's enoteca New York West Village

Linguine @ Rosemary’s

Rosemary's Enoteca And Trattoria New York

2. L’ÁRTUSI (228, West 10th street. Between Bleecker street and Hudson street. West Village). $$$

A modern Italian restaurant, good for any occasion. Delicious food, even better service. Their pasta’s are my favorite in town (next to the tagliatelle from The Nomad). My personal favorite is the Orecchiette (sausage, salumi, pecorino. $18). 

L'Ártusi West Village New York

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12 American/ French restaurants to take your parents to

In New York City, there are lots of restaurants that I personally love a lot for the good quality of food but which are not per definition the most trendy, cool or unique ones. Here are some of my favorites American/ French ones (I will discuss the Italian, Japanese, Chinese etc. ones later) of which I personally think offer high quality of food but without the loud club scene, hip hop music, seen to be seen scene, cramped seats or packed with hipsters or fashionistas. Just a good variety of descent dishes to choose from, great service and suitable for all ages (also your parents, or grandparents). Hopefully your parents buy you a meal when you take them out for dinner at one of these places because they are all in the higher price range ;-). Make a reservation in advance. 

$$$ Food ****(*) Ambiance ****(*)

1. ABC KITCHEN (35 East 18th street, between Broadway and Park Avenue S. Union Square)

Organic food from Jeane- George Vongerichten. A modern airy restaurants where couples, groups and mothers and daughters are usually seated together in the middle or on the side. 

Order whatever you like because all dishes are yummy. My favorite appetizer is the crab toast (with lemon aioli. $16), my favorite entree the fried organic chicken (with swiss chard and hot sauce butter. $29). As an ice cream lover, my favorite dessert is obviously the sundae (salted caramel ice cream, candied peanuts & popcorn, whipped cream, chocolate sauce. $14)

ABC Kitchen New York

Photo credit: nymag.com by Melissa Horn

ABC Kitchen New York

Crab Toast @ ABC Kitchen

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Weekend brunch @ Morimoto

MORIMOTO  (88, 10th Avenue between 15th and 16th street. Meatpacking district/ Chelsea)

$$$ Food **** Ambiance ****

Morimoto New York

Photo credit: restaurantsinnyc.com

This Saturday brunch was dedicated to Morimoto, a modern Japanese restaurant located at the back of the Chelsea Market. The setting is modern, elegant, spacious and definitely and oasis of calm. As soon as you enter the restaurant you’ll see the staff making the sushi and smell the fish.  Continue Reading →

Modern Chinese @ Buddakan

BUDDAKAN (75, 9th Avenue, between West 15th and West 16th street. Meatpacking district, Chelsea).

$$$ Food**** Ambiance*****

Buddakan is the kind of restaurant you would like to your show friends. And since I had friends visiting New York whole spring and summer long, I went there almost every week during the summer months. Until I came there to often and decided I wanted to try something new.

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