Cafe Nola

CAFE NOLA (89 Ma May, Old Quarter Hanoi). $$

Hi Folks!

Just a quick update of my life lately. I am currently road tripping in Vietnam and wanted to share this lovely cafe I visited during my stay in Hanoi (pictures snapped in IPhone). 

Cafe Nola Hanoi Vietnam

Cafe Nola Hanoi Vietnam

Located in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Cafe Nola is basically a 3 floor) house with many homey rooms turned into cafe. I loved the variety of rooms to relax and the quirky retro style decor in every room. 

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Les Paris Puces

On our last day in Paris, we visited Les Puces de Saint – Queen (18th arr, métro Porte de Cligcancourt / open Mo- Sa 10 pm – 6 pm). Paris it’s largest flea market covering 15 markets divided over 7 hectares. There’s lot’s of rubbish (i.e., fake bags and clothes) but also lot’s of antiques. And if you love vintage furniture as much as I do, this flea is definitely worth a stroll. My personal favorite was Marché Vernaison (99 rue des Roisiers).

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Greenpoint (Brooklyn NY)


Greenpoint Brooklyn New York

It was on this cold and rainy day that I was so brave to go outside and walk around, exploring the area in Greenpoint (Brooklyn).  

Greenpoint, also called ” Little Poland ” has been an immigrant enclave for more than a century. Along Manhattan Avenue, you’ll see Polish signs on the store windows and a number of Polish restaurants. 

Today, Greenpoint is still mostly a residential area and not as commercialized yet compared to areas like Williamsburg and Dumbo, however it’s definitely on it’s way in the upswing. More and more designers, musicians, hipsters and even some celebrity are moving into the area. What’s popular in Greenpoint are it’s four B’s: Baked Goods, Beauty, Booz and Beats. And thanks to Trina my teacher at the Fashion Instate, I did not only discover some nice 4 x B’s but also some beautiful boutiques with locally produced designer stuff, vintage treasures and more. 

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My Lower East Side (LES) Still To- Visit List (New York)

Lower East Side New York

Less than one month and I will be back in my favorite city. I did not even share all my food pictures of the 700+ restaurants I visited in this city so far but my “still to do list” keeps on growing and growing. Anyway, at the end of this month I’ll have 1.5 week to complete a little bit of this endless list. Yay! 

I’ll be staying in one of my favorite neighborhoods, the Lower East Side (check out my favorite LES spots so far here) so the majority of places I’ll eat and drink will most likely be located in the LES. No problem at all, because the Lower east side is a food walhalla full of cool and cozy restaurants, bakeries and bars. Oh help, I am already suffering from fumo again! Here is my LES and surroundings eat- options list so at least I know where to eat when in walking distance (as usual, I did read all of the reviews of the places that are listed below): 


The last time I stayed at the Bowery Hotel. This hotel was fantaaaastic! My favorite hotel in New York City. I wish I could stay here again but I am on a tighter budget this time so I booked an Airbnb stay in the heart of the Lower East Side. I can recommend who doesn’t want to stay in a luxurious hotel anyone to hire via Airbnb, it’s most of the time significantly cheaper than a hotel. But do read the reviews on forehand. 

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Lunch @ Le Bloempot (Lille)

LE BLOEMPOT (22 reu des Bouchers. Lille, France). €€

I returned from my little trip to Lille but since it was a girls- only trip, I was to busy with shopping (mostly home accessories) to make any proper pictures. But I do want to share some pictures of my favorite restaurant of the trip: Le Bloempot, a Flemish canteen located in Lille it’s old city center.

Bloempot Lille

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A (culinary day) in New York’s Lower East Side – 50 places to visit

Sons of Essex

Lower East Side Collage2

What use to be the home of millions of working class immigrants families living in pour conditions during the late 19th century has now become one of Manhattan’s prime dining and shopping area renowned for it’s countless of trendy restaurants, hipster bars, live music venues, fashionable boutiques and local art galleries. I personally love this area not only for these reasons, but most of all for it’s melting pot of cultures and explosion of creativity.  Here a quick guide to my favorite LES (eat and drink) spots. 

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A (culinary) day in New York’s East Village (my 26 favorites)

East Village New York

What I love so much about New York is it’s variety of neighborhoods. Each neighborhood in New York has it’s own character, atmosphere, landscape and diversity of buildings and people. Every single neighborhood is so inspiring, great people watching and there are always new restaurants, bars and events opening up. No matter what neighborhood you live in, you will never run out of activities to do.  Since I know most of Manhattan’s neighborhoods by heart (except for the uptown neighborhoods) I decided to make a little overview with my favorite spots per neighborhood. My personal favorites are the West Village and East Village (see my post about my favorite breakfast and brunch spots in the West Village and my post about my favorite jazz bars and life music venues in the West Village Let me start with the East Village. The East Village is perhaps one of the most diverse neighborhoods in New York City in terms of people and restaurants. There are countless of bars, coffee shops and restaurants (especially Japanese ones) to visit and literary all kinds of food can be found here. Here are just a few of the tons of places to visit in the Eat Village but hopefully it will help those who are not familiar with the East Village (and have only little time) to make a selection. Let me know how you liked it and off course, I’d love to hear about your favorite places in the East Village. 

Saint Marks Place East Village New York

@ Saint Marks Place

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5 days in London


Big Ben London

Hello! I has been quiet for a while because I had a great time visiting my brother in London for the last 5 days. Since I suffer severely from FUMO (fear of missing out) every time I step out of my hometown I made an endless list of places I wanted to visit in London. In the end, I did not visit most of the places on my London to do list because of: (a) lack of time (b) pouring rain (c) I had my brother as a local guide. Accompanied by three men, I wasn’t able to do lot’s of shopping but I still tackled a lottt of fabulous food ˆˆ. Here a recap:  Continue Reading →

My London to go list



Woohoo, one more day and than I’ll be visiting my brother in London for a long weekend. I am really exited about this  trip because culinary wise, cultural wise and shopping wise London has so much to offer. Although this will be my 5th time visiting London, during all my previous visits I mostly focused on the very touristic things hence I still have the feeling that I’ve only seen the surface of the city. So if any of you know any hidden gems in London I would really love to hear it!

Now unfortunately I probably won’t be able to do lots of shopping because I will be accompanied by three guys who all dislike shopping a lot. Never mind, still lot’s of other things to do and eat ˆˆ . Since I have only 4 1/2 full days I want to spend my time wisely. Therefore, I did a little research myself on forehand. I know for sure that I won’t be able to visit all of these place but here’s my to go list so far (in random order):

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