12 x Easter Bunny and Egg Recipes

Decorating eggs are is essential part of Easter but you want more than just eggs. Perhaps some sweet treats and bunny’s?! Or eggs that look like eggs but aren’t. Here 10 recipes to make your Easter table complete:

1. Coconut Bunny Cupcakes with marshmallow ears (via Lark & Linen).

Easter Recipes

2. And another Easter Bunny Coconut Cupcake (via Styling My Everyday).  

Easter Recipes

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Christmas treats

With Christmas around the corner, I am all in the Christmas mood. Our annual Christmas tradition consist out of a potluck dinner followed by the exchange of gifts (see my gist wrapping ideas here and here). This year I want to take care of the desserts. I’ve rounded up my favorite ideas:

1. A marzipan tree cake.

forestcake. Christmass recipes

2. Another tree cake

Christmas Recipes

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10 x Halloween drinks

Hello! In my previous post I shared some Halloween treats to make. To Halloween treats obviously belong some dazzling Halloween drinks. Because not only Halloween treats are an essential part of a Halloween party also Halloween drinks are a  neccisity for a good Halloween party. Here some drinks to make: 

1. Thiss boozy lemonade with kiwi and coconut rum does not only look spooky but also very refreshing! 

Creepy Cocktail kiwi_lemonade_cockail_1

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10 x Halloween treats

Two more weeks before Halloween! And I will be so lucky to celebrate it in New York City. Halloween for is one of my favorite festivities of the year and if there is a place to be with Halloween, New York City for sure is the place to be. I love pumpkins but most of all I love to dress up. Whilst normally dressing up like spook or cartoon character is something only little kids are allowed to do, Halloween is such a good excuse for me to go back to my child years and dress up again. I am not sure yet which places to go yet or what outfit to wear, but for sure there will be the parade, a good party, and lot’s of food. And although I might wear a cartoon costume, I am certainly too grown up to play trick or treat. Nonetheless there will be treats. I will just make my own Halloween treats. Here some spooky recipes: 

1. This chocolate marshmallow ghost-cake should be easy to make. And the ghosts are supposed to be friendly;-). 

halloween chocolate-marshmallow-ghost-cake

2. Another boo-tiful halloween cake with friendly ghosts.


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Sweet 4th of July

The 4th of July is around the corner and I am looking forward to celebrate it. Last year was the first time for me watching the fireworks along the Hudson river, how fun was that! This year I won’t be able to watch the fireworks but still want to do something in order to capture this happy moment of independence. Would’t it be fun to celebrate it with sweets?! 

1. Summer Ice Pop Cakes


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Ice Cream Part I: 10 Popsicles

Ice Cream

As an ice cream addict I have the bad habit to eat ice cream everyday during warm temperatures. Whether it is a soft serve, sorbet or chocolate corn; I enjoy all kinds of ice cream. Unfortunately eating chocolate cones on a daily basis does not contribute to my mission to stay in shape this summer. Since I still need to fit in my dress, I promised myself to eat more popsicles rather than chocolate cones. To kick start this good intention, I just bought a popsicle mold in order to make my own popsicles so I know what (more healthy) ingredients are in it. I looked up some recipes and these are the pops I want to make:  Continue Reading →