10 Cupcakes to try

In part I of the sweetness galore, I shared my favorite Ice Cream spots with you. But I had more guilty pleasures, not just ice cream but also cakes, donuts, cookies, chocolate martini’s, candy bars…. Basically everything sweet and unhealthy. Now the last sweet thing I’d like to share with you are cupcakes. I cannot imagine that there’s a less cupcake minded city than New York City. Besides the big M sign, there’s not just a coffee shop on every corner. Also a cupcake place. There’s no way that I will be able to try them all out, but here are my 10 favorites so far (in random order):

 1. A Coconut Cupcake @ DC Cupcakes 

(111 Mercer street, between Spring and Prince street. Soho)

DC Cupcakes New York

 2. Mini Cupcakes  @ Baked By Melissa (various locations all over)

Baked By Melissa New York

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My 10 favorite sweet treats (except from ice cream)

I am not just an ice cream addict. I am having a weakness for all kinds of sweets. Besides ice cream, here are ten of my all time favorite sweet treats I could eat every day at any time (in random order):

1. A Cheesecake @ Eileen’s Special Cheesecake 

(17 Cleveland Place at Kenmare street. Soho)

For light, airy and super delicious New York Cheesecake. 

Eileen's Special Cheesecake New York

2. A Classic Cheesecake @ Junior’s (various locations

For a fabulous heavy classic cheesecake at New York’s most iconic cheesecake spot. 

Juniors new York

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Ice Cream Part II: My 15 favorites

Ice Cream New York City

New York City was so freaking hot last summer, the only way I was able to cool down was by eating ice cream every day all summer long. Here are my favorite ice cream spots from last summer (in random order):

1.Davey’s Ice Cream 

(131, 1st avenue, between St Mark’s Place and East 9th street. East Village)

Fresh ice cream, handmade from scratch. 

Daveys Ice Cream East Village New York

Ice Cream East Village New York

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25 Cakes

Source: Target

I am thinking about what cake I would like to eat at my wedding which will be held this august. Since my theme colors are peach, coral, pink and some gold the cake should definitely contain at least one of these colors. Besides the cake being colorful, I also like the cake to to be pretty, romantic and fun. Below I selected 25 cakes that I love so far.


Wat voor een bruidstaart zal ik eens gaan eten op mijn grote dag? Liefst een taart die tenminste een van de thema kleuren (perzik, koraal, roze en een beetje goud) bevat. Naast kleurrijke taarten houd ik zelf van pretty, romantische taarten die niet al te gewoon zijn. Hieronder heb ik 25 taarten geselecteerd die ik persoonlijk mooi vind. 

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Sunday Couples’Night @ Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar

AYZA WINE AND CHOCOLATE BAR (1, 7th Avenue South, between Carmine & Leroy street. West Village).

$$$ Food *** Ambiance ****

This Sunday evening,  I visited Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar. Every Sunday from 5pm onwards, you can visit Ayza for couple’s night and end your weekend with a romantic dinner  for two, some wine, martini’s and small bites.

The restaurant/ bar is small and intimate and the small tables are covered with candles and rose petals. The menu consists of a wide selection of wines, cocktail, small sweets, savory bites and cheeses to choose from. Perfect for a romantic date or enjoyable girls night out.

Ayza Wine and Chocolate Bar West Village New York

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