3 days in Hanoi

Hello! Its been already a month ago since I visited Vietnam but I didn’t find any time earlier to tell you about my trip. Let’s start with Hanoi, which was almost similar to how I imagined it. Full of lantern, motobikes, street vendors, eateries and most of all chaos. Traffic rules don’t exist here, traffic rules don’t have any function and transporting the whole family on one motorcycle (without wearing a helmet) is the most ordinary thing in the world.

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Bangkok in 3,5 days


We ended our trip in Bangkok. Exhausted and broke from the weeks before in Kuala Lumpurthe sea house and beach house,  we didn’t shop and visit that many restaurants as we were planning to visit in Bangkok. Our breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner was mostly consumed at the streets of Bangkok. There are so many street vendors selling delicious warm meals for just a couple of dollars.

Street Food Bangkok

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