10 x DIY IKEA Hacks

Hi! It’s the first day of August and my last two weeks at work before I can finally fully focus on the new house and the little one that we can hopefully welcome next month! July went by so fast, spending lots of my spare time at IKEA. As you can guess, my new house will be full of IKEA pieces combined with some vintage items I stumbled upon by accident. On top of that I collected a few designer items because every house needs a few eyecatchers. These are actually my favorites. I wish I could furnish my whole house with designer pieces but unfortunately my bank account doesn’t allow me to. Luckily there are  a million of IKEA hacks ideas on the internet, that can make these simple items look like a million bucks. Here are my ten favorite ones:

1. The prettiest IKEA hack ever (via Babble). 


2. The IKEA Rast 3 Drawer Chest never looked so chic before due to this IKEA rast campaign hack (via Almost makes perfect). 


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Sunday swooning over walkin closets

Today is a lazy Sunday, staying at home most of the day working on my new home project. One of the things I am most excited about is my future walkin closet. I’ve been dreaming about a walkin closet for ages and that dream is finally coming true. My own ultimate women’s cave where I can finally have a clear overview of my shoes, dresses, bags and more. I’ve been swooning over these closets all day:


Walkin Closet


Walkin Closet

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Makeover needed + Kitchen love part 1

The kitchen is the second room after the bathroom that need a huge restyle. Don’t you think this current kitchen looks…old? Dirty? Just anything but nice? 

I am everything but a kitchen princess so there’s no need for a complete design kitchen with all of the newest appliances but still… I can’t cook in something like this day in day out. 

Kitchen Moodboard

We’re going to replace the whole for something more appealing that hopefully motivates me to become a better cook. 

Whereas I am still very indecisive about what to do with the bathroom, I have a much better idea about how I want the kitchen to look like.

Kitchen Moodboard1

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Makeover needed + bathroom love part 2

This is the bathroom that needs a serious makeover. A huge challenge for me because: (1) It’s hell ugly; (2) There isn’t much space and we can’t make it a lot bigger. What you see on the picture is all there is, no hidden corners or anything; (3) I have less than 3 months to collect all necessary materials and transform the whole space into something more appealing; (4) I can’t afford an architect or any designer items; (5) I therefore have to design and renovate it myself, on a budget with zero construction knowledge. 

Bathroom makeover

So let’s make the best out of it . I started with digging into my memory, thinking about bathrooms I came across over the past few years. In my previous post I talked about different bathroom styles I love; (1) the Classic marble bathroom, the more (2) Bohemian industrial bathroom with a French/ Italian feel, (3) the Rustic bathroom, (4) the Earthy bathroom but also (5) an (all) White timeless and airy bathroom. 

Based on this inspiration, I started strolling over the internet looking for similar bathrooms and I am currently looking for bathroom suppliers that supply the necessary materials to create the bathroom I love. Here some moodboards I created for each differen style of bathroom:

1. The Elegant Marble Bathroom.The kind of bathroom you see in many classic luxury hotels, with lots of glamorous marble. Elements of this type of bathroom are silver cranes, grey/white marble walls and glass doors. 

Marble Bathroom

2 . The Bohemian industrial bathroom with a French/ Italian feel.  I don’t know how to exactly define this type of bathroom because to me it has a bit of verything. It’s rustic, industrial, modern, bohemian but also has a very Europen charm. But it was in Brooklyn and Manhatten where I noticed this style for the first time in trendy restaurants, bars and hotels. Up to date I I noticed that also many public spaces in Amsterdam copied (where inspired by) this style. Typical characteristics of this type of bathroom are black French doors, copper pipes and subway tiles. I haven’t discovered any shop in the Netherlands yet that sells these type of pipes and doors at a reasonable price. So if you have some tips, please help me out! 

Eclectic bathroom

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Moving out + Bathroom love part 1

Hello! It’s been a while because I’ve been busy working on some exciting upcoming new things. Yay As you might know we have been planning to move to a bigger house for a while. When we bought our first house, the initial plan was to live here for just a couple of years which turned into over seven years right now. Yes, it’s high time to move out, and it’s finally coming a bit more together. I am currently designing the rooms for our future house and spending most of my spare time into strolling on the internet looking for inspiration and the right materials within our budget. 

I started with the most necessary thing, which is the bathroom. You can sleep in any room, takeout food everyday but you can’t without a proper shower or toilet. 

When it comes to interiors, there are so many different styles I like. When still living in the States, I loved my (1) Classic Marble bathroom. I never had such chic bathroom before and compared to my student dorm, to me it felt very glamorous. 

Bathroom Townsend New York

However, the most luxurious marble bathroom I could ever make use of was my bathroom in Bali, at the Komaneka hotel in Ubud.

(2) But then I absolutely adored the bathroom at the Bowery hotel, where I stayed during my last week in New York City. To me, this bathroom had a very French/Italian feel but also a bit bohemian, industrial yet chic and modern at the same time. 

bathroom Bowery hôtel New York

(3) Then last summer, I visited Asia and was blown away by the view of my Rustic bathroom at the Sea House in Borneo where we stayed during the first half of our trip. 

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5 pretty simple things to be made (hanging plants)

Hanging Planter

I adore lovely flowers and plants but in my tiny house, there isn’t any room left for it. All desks, drawers and tabple tops are covered with magazines, picture frames and candles. Last week, when I was browsing around for home accessories in Westelm I stumbled upon these pretty Hanging Textured Ceramic Planters (see picture above; photo credit: Westelm) which brought me to the idea of just hanging my flowers and plants rather than placing them on a table. And these were not the only pretty hanging planters they had in the store, there were many more cool and modern hanging planters. But wasn’t able to buy them and bring them all the way from New York to Amsterdam so I thought, why not making a cheap and simple version myself at home?!. Here some inspiration:

1. I love the bright colors of these dipped, marbled planters.

DIY Hanging Planter

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10 x Pumpkin decoration

Now that we have discussed Halloween treats and Halloween drinks, an important thing we’re still missing for the ultimate Halloween party are the pumpkins! Besides the traditional Jacky-o’-lantern carving, there are countless of ways to decorate a pumkin in a much more stylish manner that don’t require any complicated carving. One that acutally does improve your interior as a perfect fall decoration. Here are ten pumpkin’s that would definitely brighten my house:

1. Ooh La La what a sparkle! How awesome are these DIY confetti dipped pumpkins!


 More glamorous dip – dye gold glitter pumpkins.


You can also glitter the pumpkins like this


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