10 x DIY IKEA Hacks

Hi! It’s the first day of August and my last two weeks at work before I can finally fully focus on the new house and the little one that we can hopefully welcome next month! July went by so fast, spending lots of my spare time at IKEA. As you can guess, my new house will be full of IKEA pieces combined with some vintage items I stumbled upon by accident. On top of that I collected a few designer items because every house needs a few eyecatchers. These are actually my favorites. I wish I could furnish my whole house with designer pieces but unfortunately my bank account doesn’t allow me to. Luckily there are  a million of IKEA hacks ideas on the internet, that can make these simple items look like a million bucks. Here are my ten favorite ones:

1. The prettiest IKEA hack ever (via Babble). 


2. The IKEA Rast 3 Drawer Chest never looked so chic before due to this IKEA rast campaign hack (via Almost makes perfect). 


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