10 Cupcakes to try

In part I of the sweetness galore, I shared my favorite Ice Cream spots with you. But I had more guilty pleasures, not just ice cream but also cakes, donuts, cookies, chocolate martini’s, candy bars…. Basically everything sweet and unhealthy. Now the last sweet thing I’d like to share with you are cupcakes. I cannot imagine that there’s a less cupcake minded city than New York City. Besides the big M sign, there’s not just a coffee shop on every corner. Also a cupcake place. There’s no way that I will be able to try them all out, but here are my 10 favorites so far (in random order):

 1. A Coconut Cupcake @ DC Cupcakes 

(111 Mercer street, between Spring and Prince street. Soho)

DC Cupcakes New York

 2. Mini Cupcakes  @ Baked By Melissa (various locations all over)

Baked By Melissa New York

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My 10 favorite sweet treats (except from ice cream)

I am not just an ice cream addict. I am having a weakness for all kinds of sweets. Besides ice cream, here are ten of my all time favorite sweet treats I could eat every day at any time (in random order):

1. A Cheesecake @ Eileen’s Special Cheesecake 

(17 Cleveland Place at Kenmare street. Soho)

For light, airy and super delicious New York Cheesecake. 

Eileen's Special Cheesecake New York

2. A Classic Cheesecake @ Junior’s (various locations

For a fabulous heavy classic cheesecake at New York’s most iconic cheesecake spot. 

Juniors new York

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10 places in Korea Town

Like an abundance of noodle bars, there is also an abundance of Korean (BBQ) restaurants in New York City. A lot of them are located in Korea Town, centered around 32nd street between 5th and 6th avenue. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much Korean restaurants concentrated in one area outside Korea. If you are in Koreatown and don’t have a clue which one to visit, here are some places you might consider:

1. New Wonjo (23 West 32nd street, between 5th and 6th Avenue). $$

My favorite for Korean BBQ. Order: Scallion Pancake, A BBQ- Combo.

KoreaTown New York

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20 Big Apple Sandwiches worth eating

Sandwiches New York

One thing I noticed immediately the first time I visited New York, was the habit to buy sandwiches every morning for breakfast or afternoon for brunch. From plumber to  policemen to businessmen, I noticed that basically everyone was buying their sandwich. Not a very common thing (yet) in Amsterdam, where I used to make my own sandwich every morning and take them to the office in a plastic lunchbox.

Anyway, since I think that most Big Apple sandwiches from the sandwich place (with multiple thick layers of cheese or meat) are way better than my own-homemade (single layer of cheese or meat) sandwich I took over this habit and stared buying my sandwich outside instead of making my own homemade sandwich. Consequently, I tried out many different sandwiches from various places in Manhattan. I am mostly familiar with the sandwiches available in the Lower East Side, West Village and Midtown West/ Hell’s Kitchen. Because that’s the area where I had most of my breakfast- and lunch breaks.

I did not discover that many yummy sandwich places in other neigbourhoods yet and there are still an uncountable number of sandwiches still to discover yet. That’s right, I am reaaaallly interested in more insider tips :). 

But here some sandwich places that I think are worth a visit during breakfast time or at your daily lunch break: 

Lower East Side

1. Tiny’s little giant sandwich shop

(129 Rivington  street, between Essex and Norfolk street. Lower East Side)

For indeed. Giant Sandwiches in a small cozy cafe. Check out more of my Lower East Side Favorites here

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop New York Lower East Side

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop New York Lower East Side

2. Cheeky Sandwiches 

(35 Orchard street., between Canal street and Hester street. Lower East Side)

 A cute little sandwich shop serving the best fried chicken and buttermilk biscuits in town.

Cheeky Sandwiches Lower East Side New York

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Gaia Italian Cafe

GAIA ITALIAN CAFE (251 East Houston at Norfolk street. Lower East Side). $ 

This little hidden gem has recently been added as one of my new favorites to my list of Italians and Lower East Side spots. It’s cozy, friendly, affordable and most of all super delicious. 

Gaia Italian Cafe Lower East Side

Their fresh home made spinach and buffalo ricotta gnocchi ($7) is simply amazing Also their freshly baked toasted Italian panini’s are a must to try. My personal favorite is the Bubi (Mozarella di Bufala, tomatoes and basil). For just $5! 

Gaia Italian Cafe Lower East Side

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A bagel @ Russ and Daughters

RUSS AND DAUGHTERS (179 East Houston street, between Orchard and Allen street. Lower East Side). $ 

This classic deli shop that has been run by four generations of the Russ family offers is my favorite bagel spot in the city. From regular cream cheese bagels till specialty bagels with smoked fish and caviar. 

Russ and Daughters Lower East Side New York

Russ and Daughters Lower East Side New York

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Greenpoint (Brooklyn NY)


Greenpoint Brooklyn New York

It was on this cold and rainy day that I was so brave to go outside and walk around, exploring the area in Greenpoint (Brooklyn).  

Greenpoint, also called ” Little Poland ” has been an immigrant enclave for more than a century. Along Manhattan Avenue, you’ll see Polish signs on the store windows and a number of Polish restaurants. 

Today, Greenpoint is still mostly a residential area and not as commercialized yet compared to areas like Williamsburg and Dumbo, however it’s definitely on it’s way in the upswing. More and more designers, musicians, hipsters and even some celebrity are moving into the area. What’s popular in Greenpoint are it’s four B’s: Baked Goods, Beauty, Booz and Beats. And thanks to Trina my teacher at the Fashion Instate, I did not only discover some nice 4 x B’s but also some beautiful boutiques with locally produced designer stuff, vintage treasures and more. 

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Pig and Khao

PIG AND KHAO (68 Clinton street, between Stanton street and Rivington street. Lower East Side). $$$

For those who are into something less ordinary, there is Pig and Khao. A hipster Filipino and Thai fusion restaurant serving some family style dishes that I had never eaten before.

We started with a Coconut ($8) and some salads. A Green Mango Salad (charred chicken, lemongrass, mint, coriander, cashew, dried shrimp. $13) and some squid salad. Both salads were light and fresh.

Pig and Khao New York Lower East Side

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Brunch @ Marc Forgione

MARC FORGIONE (134 Reade street, between Hudson and Greenwich street. Tribeca). $$

This stylish restaurant is urban and rustic at the same time. Wooden tables are combined with brick stone walls and industrial dark lights. Half of the brunch menu consists out of eggs, not just regular eggs but large egg dishes. Classics with a twist such as eggs Benedict with prosciutto, scrambled eggs with applewood bacon and more, or a burger with an egg on top. I had a Feather Ridge Farm Omelette (with Greenmarket Vegetables and Fresh Goat Cheese. $12), a man sized portion equal to a big breakfast. 

Marc Forgione New York Tribeca

Marc Forgione New York Tribeca

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Russian @ Mari Vanna

MARI VANNA (41 East 20th street, between Broadway and Park Avenue South. Flatiron, Union Square). $$$

I have never been to Russia but I can image that Mari Vanna looks like a typical traditional Russian living room; antique furniture, shabby chique chairs (I have the same at home), vintage cupboards, antique chandeliers and a wall full of family pictures. Somewhat similar to my own very girly living room but in an old-fashioned way.

Mari Vanna3

Mari Vanna New York

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